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Our Story

The Viking Restaurant is a chance to experience the feast of the Vikings with a contemporary touch. By hunting and gathering the freshest ingredients, we ensure that every guest experiences traditional culinary treasures from the sea and land on our succulent, inviting menu. The dishes are prepared using spices and techniques uniquely utilized in the Viking Culture to serve dishes that are a glimpse of what once was.

Opening Hours

Tuesday – Sunday

12:00 – 16:00

19:00 – 00:00





A place like no other. An experience never done before. Food that makes you enjoy the place and indulge the experience. Staff are amazing with no exception. You will be well treated from the moment you step inside the restaurant till you leave. The live show are as magical as the place. Everyone should try this place.


Vikings is SUCH A VIBE! Being there transformed my perception of time and where I am!! The performances are stunning and the performers are super talented! The food is great from the presentation to taste. Service is super fast as well. I loved my experience here!!!


ONE OF A KIND - Very unique and one of a kind in UAE! Spent my night here and had a lot of fun. Food was so tasty and staff are friendly with you. So lucky to see such a talented band and also the fire show was so good. It really takes you to the medieval era when you step inside. Definitely worth to try!

    Lunch is back!

    Hey, Vikings! We have great news over here! From 22nd of April we decided to bring the Lunch back to make our Longhouse more accessible to families and kids. Please come to visit us for lunch. You can join the feast from 12:00 till 16:00 with a special lunch menu, Viking shows and no minimum charge. Welcome to Asgard to everyone!

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    A Historical Dive into the Viking World

    Inspired by the revelry and sophistication of Valhalla, Viking Restaurant is designed to be the perfect escape to the medieval times with its indulgent feasts and authentic experiences. Enjoy our thrilling show featuring musician, fire dancers, and sword performers displaying the astounding medieval culture. Enjoy a ‘hands-on’ feast as the dynamic performance unfolds before you. The interior is marked by tools, armament, shields, rough wood on the walls, and characteristic Viking art. A sweeping musical score and brilliant lights provide a fabulous backdrop for this spellbinding experience that blurs the boundary between the past and present.

    Popular Dishes

    Brun Lapskaus Stew

    Beef cubes, in a mixture of fresh seasons vegetables creating a vortex of intense and strong flavours.

    AED 149

    Lost in the Hayloft

    Pumpkin spiced lamb chops with sharp blends of asparagus and leeks, a traditional dish from the countryside

    AED 199

    Fresh From The Sea - Salmon

    Atlantic salmon fish with a zesty punch of lemon sauce, cherry tomatoes and zucchini

    AED 149

    Sweet & Sour Tuna

    Tuna salad made with marinated leaves in sweet and sour sauce with a citrus mix.

    AED 75

    Chef Recommends

    Meat or not? You to find

    Mixed vegetables in a crispy puff pastry accompanied with sour cream and strawberry salty sauce.

    AED 119

    King Ragnar's Royal Tomahawk

    Grilled Tomahawk steak, then totally roasted on the grill create the perfect meat-lover’s steak.

    AED 699

    Longhouse Chicken

    Prepped with a robust blend of garlic and rosemary, the grass-fed chicken of the meadows is tenderly roasted.

    AED 189

    The Lief Ericson Ribeye

    Grilled premium quality Ribeye steak seasoned with rosemary, garlic and thyme, served with baked potatoes and baby carrots to achieve that full-bodied taste.

    AED 299

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    The Viking Restaurant is a chance to experience the feast of the Vikings with a contemporary touch.

    Ajman Heritage District, Ajman, UAE

    t.  +971 6 766 6076
    e.   reservations@vikingrestaurant.ae